Crossroads Pony

Crossroads Re-entry Rule:
A starter can be taken out of the game & replaced by a sub.  If the starter re-enters he has to go back in at the same spot and the sub is done.  You can’t alter the batting order.  You need to announce when you use your last sub incase of injury and then you would use that last sub to replace injured or sick player.  If you have a player thrown out of the game after you have used all your subs then you would have to play with 8 players and take an out.

Monday, June 19th
#1  6-3  5:30T    T6 Shorewood Lions 7, C4  Warren Excavating 10
#2  7-2  7:45T    W5 Dale AC 7, C3 Sports Huddle 18

Tuesday, June 20th
3  5-4  5:30T   B2 John Lawson Auto Rebuilders 12, SJ7 Moran AC 11

Thursday, June 22nd
#4  5:30T  Winner #1: C4 Warren Excavating 15, Winner #2: C3 Sports Huddle 12
#5  7:45T   Winner #3: B2 John Lawson Auto 6,  CH1 Sports Huddle (1st) 14

Saturday, June 24th
#6  10:30T  Loser #4: C3 Sports Huddle  vs  Loser #5: B2 John Lawson Auto
#7  12:45T   Winner #4: C4 Warren Excavating 3, Winner #5: CH1 Sports Huddle 7