Crossroads Season Highlights

Crossroads of MidAmerica Pony

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) vs Joliet Firefighters (SJ3)

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 8, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 4

Moran AC (SJ2) 0, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 7

Diversified Management Group (W6) 15, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 21

Dean Lieske and Ryan Beckwith each led Whiteford/Rathbun with 4 rbi’s each.  Anthony Ray and Collin Reavis got on base all 3 times at bat.

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 2, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 12

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 4, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 9

Logan Boyd and Dean Lieske led the way with 2 hits apiece.  Mike Byers and Brett Highland combined for 6 innings and 14 strikeouts.

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 16, Diversified Management Group (W6) 0

Diversified Management Group (W6) 2, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 12

Damian Herrera & Gordie Kairis combined to throw a no hitter & strike out 12. Naseem Jaber had two hits.

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 0, Moran AC (SJ2) 7

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 10, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 6

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 11, Moran AC (SJ2) 14

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 2, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 3

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 14, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 4

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 1, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 11

Moran AC (SJ2) 6, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 16

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 15, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 11

Moran AC (SJ2) 18, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 8

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 10, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 0

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) vs Cherry Hill Studios (B7)

Diversified Management Group (W6) vs Moran AC (SJ2)

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 7, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 10

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 19, Moran AC (SJ2) 3

Diversified Management Group (W6) 8, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 19

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 13, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 6

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 13, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 21

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 8, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 4

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 19, Diversified Management Group (W6) 3

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 2, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 5

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 16, Diversified Management Group (W6) 5

Moran AC (SJ2) vs Cherry Hill Studios (B7)

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 11, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 7

Mike Byers and Aiden Miller led the attack for Whiteford with 2 hits each.  James Byers cemented the win with a 2 RBI single in the 7th inning for the go-ahead runs.  Mike Byers notched his 2nd win with a 4 inning, 2 hit, 1 earned run outing.


Vast Investment Properties (C8) 16, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 2

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 20, Diversified Management Group (W6) 5

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 15, Moran AC (SJ2) 16

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 12, Diversified Management Group (W6) 0

Whiteford/Rathbun:  Cameron Paulsen led the attack with 3 RBI’s and 3 hits including a triple.  Brett Highland set the table from the start with 3 times on base and 3 runs scored.  Joey Angelos socked in 2 RBI’s and Ryan Beckwith, Dean Lieske, and Mike Byers contributed 2 hits each.

Whiteford/DMG:  Jackson Bright, Tristan Caldwell, and Colin Sierra led the team with hits.

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 13, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 17

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 8, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 7

Moran AC (SJ2) 8, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 23

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 7, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 13

For Whiteford, Kaleb Millsaps and Brett Highland set the table at the top of the lineup by combining for 5 times on base.  Logan Boyd, Cameron Paulsen, and Mike Byers provided the power with a triple for each.  Aiden Miller contributed 2 hits.  Mike Byers notched his 1 save with a 3 inning, 1 hit outing to finish the game.

Troy’s attack was led by #9 who socked 2 doubles and #9 and #14 with a triple for each.

Diversified Management Group (W6) 7, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 14

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 15, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 5

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 1, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 0

Moran AC (SJ2) 4, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 9

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 1, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 0

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 5, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 14

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 5, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 13

Diversified Management Group (W6) 0, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 10

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 18, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 7

Moran AC (SJ2) 3, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 18

Brett Highland and Kaleb Millsaps set the table at the top of the order by getting on base 6 out of 6 at bats.  Cameron Paulsen had a bases loaded double and Dean Lieske pushed 4 RBI’s across the plate with 2 hits.  Anthony Ray got on base each at bat and contributed 2 runs and an RBI.

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 5, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 13

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 7, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 22

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 21, Diversified Management Group (W6) 7

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 12, Moran AC (SJ2) 8

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 16, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 2

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 13, Diversified Management Group (W6) 9

Moran AC (SJ2) vs Diversified Management Group (W6)

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 6, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 8

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 10, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 15

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 4, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 19

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 9, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 11

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 2, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 12

Diversified Management Group (W6) 1, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 17

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 8, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 6

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 13, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 1

James Byers and Brett Highland led the attack with 2 hits each.  Kaleb Milsapps contributed a 2 RBI double and 3 runs scored.  Brett pitched a strong 3 inning, 1 run performance.

Channahon was led by Cochran with 2 hits including a triple, Chavez with a double and hits by Foster and Korczak.

Moran AC (SJ2) 0, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 11

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 17, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 18

Whiteford squeaked out a 1 run win with Ryan Beckwith’s RBI single in the final inning.  Mike Byers led the attack with a double and triple, Dean Lieske and Cameron Paulsen each had a double and James Byers and Aiden Miller contributed 2 hits each.

St. Joe’s attack was led by Austin with 5 RBI’s and 2 hits including a triple.  #17, #30, and #7 all contributed 2 hits for St Joe’s.

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 18, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 3

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 15, Diversified Management Group (W6) 5

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 18, Diversified Management Group (W6) 4

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 9, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 5

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 11, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 2

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 8, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 11

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 19, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 7

Diversified Management Group (W6) 7, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 15

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) vs Moran AC (SJ2)

Moran AC (SJ2) 4, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 21

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 6, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 11

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 10, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 11

Dean Leiske led the attack for Whiteford with 3 hits. Cam Paulson and James Byers contributed 2 hits each. Joey Angelos scored twice and Colin Reavis had 2 RBI’s and a diving catch in left.  Mike Byers had 2 doubles including the walk off.  Logan Boyd pitched 3 strong innings with 1 earned run.

Bettanhousen’s attack was led by Sopkin with a triple and Figuerora with a double.  Regas pitched a strong 3 inning, 1 run performance.

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 15, Diversified Management Group (W6) 2

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 17, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 4

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 4, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 5

Moran AC (SJ2) 4, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 8

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 9, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 5

Diversified Management Group (W6) vs Bettenhausen Auto (C9)

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 11, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 10

Cam Paulson led Whiteford with 3 hits and 4 RBI’s including a triple.  Colin Reavis and Logan Boyd each socked 2 hits and 2 RBI’s.  Brett Highland pitched a strong 6 inning, 1 earned run, 9 strikeout performance.

St. Joe’s was led by #44 Farmer with 2 hits and 2 RBI’s.

Vast Investment Properties (C8) vs Cherry Hill Studios (B7)

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 7, Moran AC (SJ2) 0

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 2, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 6

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 10, Moran AC (SJ2) 3

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 8, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 17

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 19, Diversified Management Group (W6) 1

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 1, Moran AC (SJ2) 0

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 4, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 15

Diversified Management Group (W6) 2, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 12

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) vs Joliet Firefighters (SJ3)

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 13, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 16

Diversified Management Group (W6) 3, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 13

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 6, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 7

Moran AC (SJ2) 6, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 12

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 7, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 0

Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 2, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 8

Diversified Management Group (W6) 9, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 7

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 1, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 11

Moran AC (SJ2) vs Diversified Management Group (W6)

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 8, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 8

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 17, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 2

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 19, Sports Huddle (CH-1) 15

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 1, Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 11

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 9, Moran AC (SJ2) 3

Moran AC (SJ2) 5, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 16

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 22, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 9

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 5, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 9

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 11, Diversified Management Group (W6) 9

Diversified Management Group (W6) vs Bettenhausen Auto (C9)

Vast Investment Properties (C8) 14, Moran AC (SJ2) 12

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 21, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 4

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 6, Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 6

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 19, Moran AC (SJ2) 2

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 18, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 11

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 16, Joliet Firefighters (SJ3) 6

Diversified Management Group (W6) vs Joliet Firefighters (SJ3)

Shorewood Animal Hospital (T4) 7, Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 12

Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 8, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 12

Sports Huddle (CH-1) 13, Moran AC (SJ2) 11

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol (W5) 11, Vast Investment Properties (C8) 12

Cherry Hill Studios (B7) 25, Bettenhausen Auto (C9) 16