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DuPage River Pony 2019

Lawson's Garage (B-7) vs Kendall Copters (Mo-3)

Crest Hill Sports Huddle (CH-1) 16, Cubs (BB-10) 2

Luke Nolan, Colin Sanchez, & John O’Brien combined to pitch for the win. Alex Sofier singled & tripled, Nick Perez tripled, Nick Field, Sanchez, & Dom Williams each doubled & O’Brien had two hits.

Cryer Procoat (T-4) vs Crest Hill Sports Huddle (CH-1)

Giants (BB-8) vs Kendall Copters (Mo-3)

Cryer Procoat (T-4) vs D'Arcy (W-5)

Lawson's Garage (B-7) 7, Crest Hill Sports Huddle (CH-1) 23

Dom Williams was the winning pitcher. Nate Croin had two singles & a Home Run, Nick Fields had two singles & a double, & DJ Shiffer had a single & double with 5 R.B.I.’S. Luke Nolan had a double & Alex Sofier had a single & triple.

Kendall Copters (Mo-3) 8, Citywide Mattress (C-2) 9

Hitting for Channahon’s City Wide was Dylan Caldwell, Keegan Manning, Hayden Dela Cruz (3, DBL), John Greenwood (DBL), Dominic Vaccaro (walk off single) and Gabe Heimer. Pitching for Channahon was Aidan Avilez (4K) and Hayden Dela Cruz (1K). Hitting for the Kendall Copters was Berman, Semlar (2), Stark, Quevedo (2), and Newman and Harris. Pitching for the Copters was Quevedo (5K), Harris and Semlar (1K).

D'Arcy (W-5) vs Lawson's Garage (B-7)

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