whiteford baseball in joliet il

Whiteford Baseball

Joliet Westside Boys Baseball was established and Goltz Park built in 1968.  The park originally had only one field (the present day Pony field) and hosted a 6 team Babe Ruth Junior Division (13-15 yr olds) league.  Lights were added to the field in 1971 allowing for the expansion of the Junior Division and the addition of a Senior Division  (16-18 yr olds).  In 1973, Babe Ruth affiliation was dropped in favor of Pony Baseball affiliation.

Over the years, the remaing fields were added one at a time as interest grew with younger players in organized baseball.

In the early 1990’s, Mr. Whiteford made a sizeable donation to our organization allowing the park to continue operations.  In honor of Mr. Whiteford’s generous support, the baseball organization changed it’s name to Whiteford Baseball while the park itself remained Goltz Park.

Visit the Whiteford Baseball website at http://www.whitefordbaseball.com.